April 13, 2015 Social Media

6 Ways To Leverage The Redesigned Homepage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Homepage redesign reflects larger changes in how the world’s largest professional social media platform will function in the future. LinkedIn has given itself a visual facelift with its new homepage design. The revamped homepage is clean, more streamlined and promises an enhanced user experience. One of the prominent changes is the connecting element of the service front and the centre, encouraging users to build their relationships with each other over time.
After a thorough analysis, here are the 4 ways you can use the redesign to your advantage:

li3 Publish Yourself
Use the “What’s On Your Mind” section to your benefit and share relevant content. Simply put, this feature is maximum impact with minimum effort. The grey pencil takes you to your PUBLISHING PAGE. SO go ahead…Take this opportunity and share that awesome content and set yourself apart as an expert in your field.

Stay Up To Date With News Trends

The LinkedIn Feed shows you updates from your network, influencers you are following, groups you have joined along with what is trending on Pulse. Browse through and stay updated with the happenings.

li4Grow Your Network

LinkedIn has a section of “People You May Know”. It helps you browse through members who may be relevant to you. LinkedIn is growing with 2 new members joining EVERY SECOND; and this feature gives you the advantage to expand your network.

Create Touch Points

li5The “Keep in Touch” section keeps you updated about the happenings in your network. Now you have the choice to either engage with their updates or skip it. Instead, you may want to connect directly and get a direct conversation started, which could lead to opportunities for collaboration and career advancement.

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