May 5, 2015 Content, Marketing

5 Things You Need To Know About Content Marketing

The Idea of Creating Content For Content’s Sake Is Borderline Psychotic. – Alex Jutkowitz, Group SJR

contentHave amazing content because that’s what your audience comes to you for. It needs to be funny, informative, entertaining, emotional – anything that makes your reader wants to share it. Get obsessed with it – for your audience to love it, first you’ve got to love it.



As a team we talk everyday about what’s working and what’s not, and we measure like crazy. – Dustee Jenkins, Target

tapeTo see if your content is working, you need to have a solid measurement framework in place. Get more personalized insights to what members of your audience are really engaging with your content and what kind of content is engaging them.



Humour evokes positive emotion, cuts through the noise, demonstrates authenticity and redeems. – Tim Washer, Cisco

magnifyingFunny is good. Funny is awesome. It builds a great connect between you and your audience. However, it is important to know when to be funny. Be careful before jumping into a trend or meme. Ensure that it jives with your audience and message.





ROI is important – But don’t let it kill something good.

walk-onDon’t kill a winner idea because you are unsure about its result. As a marketer, you need to try different things, spend wisely, take risks and measure carefully before picking a winner.






Getting personal is the future of successful marketing.

keybordYou will have to walk the extra mile and create content that connects. Your readers need to ‘feel’ something. Remember, every like, share, comment or tweet is coming from a real person. So keep it cool!.

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