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5 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Media Strategist

1. You are Lost – like the TV show
Without a proper strategy (let alone no strategy) companies often find it difficult to set clear objectives and goals in terms of what they wish to achieve online. Needless to say, without the right foundation or direction, you are pretty much running around in circles, while valuable time and resources are wasted. A digital media strategy is like the ‘X’ on a treasure map – you’ll know exactly where to start digging!

2. You are not optimizing – and boy do you need a lot of that!
So your website is live, your campaign is running and you have an analytics account all set up – what now? A roadmap can only help you get the basics right but the true work (blood, sweat and tears kind of work) only begins after your ad campaigns start serving. You need someone to analyze your ads, search and research for related keywords; someone to make sure your campaigns are relevant and that the required tweaks to your targeting, keywords and design are being facilitated – That someone ladies and gentlemen, is a digital media strategist.

3. You are a sheep – and you don’t even know it
Ad-hoc efforts aren’t going to point you in the right direction and even if you manage to get it right (somehow) chances are, you are finding it difficult to get noticed. Sadly, not many companies understand the nature or importance of a unique digital strategy and end up applying traditional formulas to a rather evolving medium. The result is similar campaigns all across the internet! Your digital media strategist makes sure to keep an eye out on the field so that your ads stay exclusive and catch the eye of audiences.

4. You are being sucker punched – by your competition
The internet can provide tens and hundreds of options to a consumer at once. So many products and services, just a single click away – it’s the epitome of being spoilt for choices! While digital marketing can make acquiring new customers easy, retaining them is now harder than ever. That being said, no one likes losing to competition! A digital media strategist is your very own 007 – studying every move your competition (ahem enemy) makes and proposing effective counter measures accordingly.

5. You don’t Darwin – because you don’t know how
Here is the deal, algorithms change every other day thereby changing the nature and functionality of digital advertising platforms. Your Google campaigns today do not function like they did 5 weeks ago. Evolving mediums require evolving strategies to make sure the performance of your media campaigns is not compromised. Digital media strategist are the real deal (these people are legit with their certifications and everything) and make sure your digital marketing efforts keep evolving for better performance and results.

By Asad Parkar. Asad leads tonic’s Middle East strategy out of Dubai.

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