September 12, 2012 Social Media

4 ‘careless’ mistakes on Facebook

Are you overlooking the obvious? Avoid making careless mistakes on your Facebook business page and join the winners!

1. Unfinished business!

We are talking about incomplete brand information! An incomplete brand page is like an incomplete image of your business. Sounds too exaggerated? Thing again! Information does play a major role on your Facebook business page. More information equals more authenticity. Feed in the milestones to create a sensational effect on your customers. Adding website url and Youtube channel will get you more eyeballs for free!

2. Posting etiquette

Over-posting can be fatal for your brand. Fans do not need a reminder that you exist on Facebook every 2 hours. Usually the norm suggests one or two posts a day. Two posts a week is also good enough. Quality defeats quantity here! Yes, you can chase likes with quality posts.

3. Short is hot!

Facebook posts with 100-200 characters are more likely to be liked than those beyond 250 characters. Quirky one liners plus a cheeky image spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S. Pictures speak a thousand words (wink!). Keep a tab on your posts and its reach and you will know what we are talking about!

4. Intel- insights

Self explanatory ain’t it? Insights get you to the ‘core’ of your audience. Insights give out more than you take. For instance if you are confused about which post to promote, simply get inside your insights and track the post with maximum engagement. Promote the post and reap the benefits with intelligent insights..

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