April 7, 2020 Analysis, Marketing, Social Media
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10 Common Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Marketing, especially digital marketing today, plays a crucial role in enhancing your customer traffic, revenue generation, and brand reputation/ awareness. As a digital marketing firm, we are aware of the common marketing mistakes that many agencies tend to make, some of which are listed in this blog.

Marketing campaigns that are curated to market your brand, products, services, updates, or anything else related to your business, are essential for a company’s success. They can enhance lead generation, consumer traffic, and brand awareness. However, you need to ensure your marketing strategies are effective, to reap its benefits, it. As a reliable provider of digital marketing services, we believe that any mistake, silly or major, can not only lead to considerable loss of revenue and avoidable expenses, but also ruin your brand reputation significantly. Many agencies make common marketing mistakes, which should be avoided at all cost, as follows:

  1. Undermining marketing costs.
    One of the mistakes that agencies make is undermining marketing costs. Spending the right amount of money on your website, but not setting a yearly budget for marketing, will surely be disappointing. Effective online marketing requires a budget that goes along with your objectives. So, plan how you are going to invest in marketing effectively, and proceed accordingly.
  2. Faking an image.
    Taking the short-cut of buying fake likes and followers is actually a sign of unauthenticity. So, trying to paint a fake image of your company by misleading your audience about your position in the market, can lead to a huge loss of customers and ruin your brand reputation. Ensure you do not opt for any kind of incorrect strategies.
  3. Not choosing the right audience.
    Choosing the wrong audience to market your products, services or brand to, can come off as extremely naive. And, as an agency, that surely shouldn’t be your intent. Knowing your audience is essential to get visitors that can be converted into potential customers; so, ensure that you choose the right audience.
  4. Making bad assumptions.
    Making assumptions about your target audience, their needs or requirements, your competition, and other factors considered while making a marketing campaign, is a bad move. You should conduct proper market research, understand your audience by observing their interests and preferences, and know how they talk about your brand. A proper analysis of your competition and audience can drive your campaign in the right direction.
  5. Depending only on paid marketing.
    Paid marketing should definitely be opted for by a brand, considering how effective and beneficial it can be, if done correctly. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on paid marketing, no matter how tempting it sounds. It can be unnecessarily too expensive, and also, does not offer residual advantages in the long run. So, plan a perfect mix of organic as well as paid marketing.
  6. Opting for shady measures.
    Many agencies choose the ‘black hat’ option that basically misleads the search engine into ranking your brand higher, for specific keywords. In order to get instant results and traffic, one might be tempted to opt for shady practices, which should be avoided at all costs. Ignore emails that promise instant results and have an unpleasantly salesy tone.
  7. Not possessing the right tools.
    Utilizing the right technology and tools on digital channels can not only help you monitor the progress of your campaigns, but can also give you useful insights and data that you should leverage to make them more effective. Moreover, there are various tools that can also automate some of your marketing efforts. So, choose the right tools for your marketing campaigns.
  8. Marketing with no USP.
    No matter what marketing channel you opt for, it is essential to make a USP, i.e. Unique Selling Proposition. Without it, your marketing effort can’t be effective. Your product’s USP tells customers how the product caters to their specific needs, and how it is unlike any other product they might use. When customers find value, they’re highly inclined to opt for your product.
  9. Avoiding customer complaints.
    Ignoring customer complaints can ruin your brand reputation as well as the image you’ve portrayed on social media. People are active on multiple social media platforms these days, and all it takes for them to post a bad review, is just one bad experience. So, if your customers have complaints, listen to them, acknowledge them and try to resolve them.
  10. Utilizing dirty data.
    Customers, especially the ones who are already loyal, expect you to maintain your relationship with them. If they find out that they have not been considered for a great offer, that can lead to disappointment. This can happen if you don’t sort the data available to you, so employ effective customer relationship management and data management systems, to ensure proper data use.

As a successful digital marketing firm, we strongly believe that such mistakes can be avoided, if you are focusing on each and every aspect of your marketing campaign, including tiny details, with the same amount of attention. Every step that you take towards your marketing goals should be taken the right way, and with the right resources. Don’t indulge in surface-level marketing. Get to the bottom of every insight you have and provide value to your customers, based on these insights. And, ensure you don’t commit any of these marketing mistakes to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign.

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