October 2, 2011 Social Media

1+ 1 = 11 when it comes to Social Media Etiquette


While we all follow a certain level of discipline & etiquette in our social lives, depending upon various people & the relationship we share with them… it’s important we follow some basic levels of etiquette when it comes to social media.  For what you say here, is open to not just one but 11 others.


  1. Do not post Photos & Videos of someone without asking them:
    This is an absolute rule you MUST follow.  Not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal life on social platforms. You may have some really cool best friends on your friends list, but might not be the same on the other side.  Additionally, you should always “ASK” a person if you tag their photos. Not everyone wants to what, where, why, whom… and so on!
  2. Don’t post bad quality photos/videos of ANYONE including you in that picture:
    Unless your intention is to show how things went wrong… or if it’s really funny… avoid posting pictures that are bad to look at or in a compromising position. Despite your adherence to point #1 above, if the photo contains more than just you… remember it concerns someone’s privacy & you must respect your friends on Facebook too. So, mind you – no nasty pictures of them… don’t you know… a picture speaks 1000 words!
  3. Video Chatting:
    It sure is pretty nice to use Facebook’s built in video chat or maybe do a video call on Skype . But hold on… before you chat with a client, look around you. Do you have sufficient lighting around? Is your background clutter free & without any distractions? Are you properly dressed? Well, these things DO Matter – they create lasting impressions & draw inferences.
  4. Don’t just comment because someone else has… read the thread, watch the whole video:
    Be patient and read & view the entire thing before commenting on it.
  5. Be careful about your profile picture & albums:
    Your not-so-good aunt is just a phone call away from your MOM… as she stalks over your profile pic & recent album with the HOT girl you danced with last night at your friend’s birthday and what happened thereafter…
  6. No tweeting under the table at sacred occasions/meetings:
    Avoid using that fundoo gadget to tweet in sacred ceremonies like funerals— even if the event has the hash tag trending. Wait till you come out, and you can always say you were there. Give it your undivided attention – coz your behavior .
  7. Don’t just change your Facebook relationship status without the consent of the other person:
    Well, it’s called “understanding” … that’s what makes a relationship last!
  8. Never tweet while drunk:
    You never know what you tweet and how it will impact your followers & reputation!!
  9. Only use Hash tags when they are relevant:
    Are you just making up your own randomly posted – adding up to something called “the online noise”.
  10. Use DM for private conversation, but not too personal
    You don’t want social media disasters… it’s a “public” platform & you might end up @msging coz you’re so used to it.  Why not use that swanky gadget to send an SMS instead if it’s a whisper between two ears typed via text!
  11. Connect business people to your LinkedIn Profile, not Facebook:
    Let’s keep the rule – Facebook is for your personal life. Learn to keep personal & professional social media life separate. Else ensure you group your contacts and have some privacy over those posts, pictures & videos you put up on your timeline.


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