July 2, 2012 Random Thoughts

Why the Obsession with Superheroes?

This May we experienced the ‘epicness’ of five superheroes in one movie, ‘The Avengers’. Those who saw it couldn’t stop raving about it. Those who didn’t, had ice-creams. Really! Now, we are almost over their awesomeness since we have  other amazing superheroes to look forward to. There is ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ which has our very own Irrfan Khan in it and of course the last of Director Nolan’s batman series, ‘The Dark Knight rises.’

So what exactly is so magnetic about these superheroes that always manage to attract hoards of people to watch them on the silver screen? The makers of these movies spend one fourth of what they earn out of it. It’s now become a formula for film-makers which seldom fails. Even parodies like ‘Kick-Ass’ have their own cult following, with its sequel already in the making.

I feel, some of these could probably be the reasons for the box office bells ringing in a maddening way whenever a superhero flick is released:

It could be the pleasure of watching the good win over the evil, a thing that doesn’t always happen in real life.

Or maybe, somewhere in our hearts, we’ve always wanted to stand out. To be the one who is in-charge. To take the lead and have people praise us for it.

These superheroes are a mere reflection of a personality we wished we had. Though they might have some superpowers, they are normal humans who lead a parallel life like ours. That is the reason why we can relate to them so easily. So be it 2012 or 2050, superheroes will always amuse us unless we discover some powers within us and turn into a superhero ourselves.


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