June 11, 2012 Random Thoughts

Why Live In Mumbai?

Why live in Mumbai? I mean, seriously, do we really need a reason to live in Mumbai? Giving out reasons for living in our city would mean inviting more people to pack their bags and come here, which unfortunately would lead to even more packed trains, more crowded streets to walk on, more traffic and honking. Phew!

We have an inherent disease called busy-ness, not the one which your dad does for a living, the one where you are so engrossed in your work or ‘social outings’ that you don’t realize your next door neighbor has shifted to a new place and doesn’t live here anymore. So even if you had a couple of new neighbors, it wouldn’t make much of a difference, would it?

Coming back to our main question, why should one live in Mumbai? For the unknown, it was initially called ‘Bombay’ and still is in most places outside our country. Mani Ratnam even made a wonderful movie on it. A city that never sleeps, literally! You have adults and kids alike who work like insomniacs and have a tough time getting sound sleep. Whatever little sleep they might steal is disturbed by the barking of stray dogs on the road. This city also boasts of the ‘work hard’ spirit that leads to another amazing thing, multi-tasking.

Right from our infant days it teaches us how to multi-task. So you try to cram-up when and how marketing was developed, while hundreds smelly armpits, arguments between loud women and chugging of the local train surrounds you. But since you are equipped with multi-tasking, you will memorize everything about marketing, without missing the ‘live’ action happening around and enjoying every bit of it, unless you are involved in it of course.

Do the above examples portray Mumbai in a bad light? I don’t think so. It might discourage some people from entering this territory, and if so, then hey, you will be missing a hell of a lot of fun. This city is full of opposite personalities. For every person who is fighting, there is a person who is trying to solve the fight. For every person who is working hard, there is a person partying harder. For every person who is complaining, there is a person trying to find a solution. For every crying person, there is someone trying to hold the tears back. For every pro-active person, there is a person who never gets up from the bed.  So, is it worth living here? Totally!!.

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