May 5, 2015 Social Media

Visual Over Text – Any Day!

A wise man once said, A picture is worth a thousand words. If your fight is to get your message to the young audience then images should be your weapon. It’s simple – browsing through images is a lot more appealing than reading through text all the time.

Instagram is the platform that speaks this language fluently and you should embrace it. People don’t just want to say what’s going on; they want to express and images do that best. After all, a photo is worth a thousand words.

Instagram works for three main reasons:


All this is okay. But what’s in it for the marketers?
We are talking to an audience that places visual content over text. Therefore, to drive impact, your brand’s presence MUST be visual.

Tell them what makes you special : As a brand, get in the shoes of your user and tell your story in the most authentic manner. Express how you see the world differently and using this distinct point of view, guide content creation and inspire instagrammers.

You want to stand out? Then Blend In : Instagrammers thrive to take banal content and using the effects make it look aesthetically pleasing and creatively satisfying. As a brand looking to engage the young audience, you’ve got to aim for quality. Thoughtfully composed and artfully presented content/video will be rarely ignored.

Inspire the moment : Instagram is awesome because it’s current, trendy and exciting. As a brand you’ve got to deliver content that echoes with these elements and makes your followers experience something. Surprise them with a delightful news presented in a quirky way. Or sequence a story in little chapters that continues to give people a fresh reason to engage.

See how these brands did it right.



Warby Parker