April 8, 2009 @Tonic

Some super stress busters, take it lightly ;)

Hey people, I am back with some mind screwing ideas. Today’s discussion is about ‘How to get rid from office stress’ I know at tonic stress is unexpected, but sometimes it comes without knocking your head. So here are my exclusive tips which surely help you to kick out your stress

  • Office Yoga: Meditation is the best medicine, very true in India, and office yoga is the latest trend these days. So next time when you will find yourself in-between tension start doing ‘Anulom vilom pranayam’ its very effective. Recently I heard an incident took place in some office where a guy started doing anulom vilom pranayam (Breath In-Breath Out) and suddenly he felt calm and relaxed and experiencing pure oxygen while breathing (his colleagues covered his mouth with oxygen mask, as they were thinking its an asthma attack)
  • Start singing loudly: another fabulous stress killer technique. Just start singing loudly, anything which comes in your mind. It could be old Hindi songs or tera surrur (Best in this class) A singing reality show winner revealed his wining secret, he was daily practicing “Jai maa sherowali” song during his stressful  moments. “it also helped me to earn some extra income after office” the winner added.
  • Slap your colleague: Yes! Go ahead and slap him. Whenever you feel anxiety don’t bother about anything just slap your colleague who sit besides you. One of my friend took this step and he was much relaxed for next 2 months, his colleague wer 6 feet tall with almost doubled biceps size… Yes you know what happened later.. 😉
  • Imagine a beach holiday: when you are imagining something, you actually feel that things and situations. Next time when you encounter a strain, I want you to imagine yourself on a beach holiday with some gorgeous belly dancers… what its not working? Ok try this, imagine yourself on beach holidays with all the excited things happening with you, also imagine your BOSS is paying for all the expenses. Now this will surely helps you to push down your stress. A guy used to imagine all these things daily and guess what; his company offered him a long vacation. Now he is looking for ads on

Oops! Its enough for today, but I promise I do come up  with some great stress busters soon..

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