May 26, 2015 Marketing

Should You Be Using Selfies In Your Marketing Campaign?

Meant to be fun and impulsive, selfies are for capturing the moment as it happens—and quickly sharing them with family and friends. It is a phenomenon that brands must not ignore. Cause in this new fad, lies opportunities. Go little deeper behind the lens and you’ll see that there is value for brands in it.

Most brands aren’t doing a great job utilizing this cultural shift. So how can we turn this around?

Campaign1Change Your Perception About Selfies

As a brand, you must see selfie as an entire product instead of just one of the many aspects. Selfies are perceived as a “look at me” message. How about if we changed that to “look at me here or with this thing of significance” — as brands you need to understand this difference and use it to your benefit. After all, the game lies in the way you perceive it.

Go Pro got it right:

Use Selfies In a Different Manner

Selfies are a fad among the youth and as a brand you can start looking at this as the next generation of brand storytellers. Presently, fashion industry is leading the charge in this respect, however there is a world of creativity out there if you stop and look for it.

Here’s what AXE did.


When To Avoid Them

Sure, it’s a good thing to embrace change and adapt to new things. However, it is essential to understand the medium and then create a message that fits best. Give your user an exciting reason to create content — something that adds to your campaign rather than something that just adds to the noise. If taken seriously it can reap great results.

Macca Halifax could have done it better