• Coca Cola

    Coca-Cola Content 2020 : Liquid Storytelling

    Being one of the world’s most valuable brands, Coca-Cola raises its own benchmark every year by showcasing some of the most inspiring, engaging and innately creative marketing strategies.

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  • Tonic Media_feature image

    One More Shot Of Tonic

    The past month has been very eventful and fun at Tonic Media, as we celebrated 3 big occasions back-to-back.

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  • designer blog_feature image

    The N00b Designer

    There’s a reason that ‘real-time experience’ is specified upon so much and is called so. Design school prepares you for a lot of things – it gets you comfortable with the softwares you’re going to use on a daily basis; it builds an aesthetic sense in you; it allows you to look at a visual […]

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  • We are high on awards this season!

    The two silver  beauties ( shown below), represent extensive brainstorming sessions, over 500 mugs of coffee, those painful creative blocks  and frantic deadlines.

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  • Around the World in 60 seconds at Tonic

    While scouting for a collection of things around the world in office, I found 9 amazing things. Our international Tonickers have left behind their impression from various home countries.    

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  • 20% or less!

    Facebook will now crack down on your page if your cover photo has more than 20% text. Not necessarily held together, the text can be all over in bits and pieces.

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  • Google to take on the big 3

    With G+, Google competed with Facebook last year and now the giant is on it’s way to compete directly with Apple and Microsoft, considering to sell its merchandise.

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  • Hoops, Music, Prizes and more – NBA Style!

    Just when you thought that there’s nothing left to look forward to in 2012, NBA India shook things up by bringing back a format of the game that the NBA has been successfully activating globally. 

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  • A little Christmas magic at Tonic

    We never miss an occasion to make fellow Tonickers happy and what better time than Christmas!

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    I am sincerely grateful to a police constable and Winston Churchill for giving me the inspiration to write this blog post. Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940 had warned us about the crisis of the common man if India received Independence.

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  • To my dearest….

    You have mesmerized generations. And, I wasn’t any exception. Your charms bewitched many, including me. I remember the day when I first met you. I was young. Oh so naive. Our first meeting had me addicted to you. And as you can see, I am yet to recover.

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  • A Salute to an old Love!

    Bliss is rather subjective as a concept. It’s that feeling which leaves no room for pain or negativity. It’s being content and truly happy, no filters, in that moment. Bliss is pure, uncomplicated happiness.

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