• 6 Ways To Leverage The Redesigned Homepage of LinkedIn

    LinkedIn’s Homepage redesign reflects larger changes in how the world’s largest professional social media platform will function in the future. LinkedIn has given itself a visual facelift with its new homepage design. The revamped homepage is clean, more streamlined and promises an enhanced user experience. One of the prominent changes is the connecting element of […]

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  • Facebook’s Buy Button – The Next Big Thing?

    Through the Buy Button, users can complete a transaction while staying in Facebook. Marketers are already excited about the possibilities. Facebook has a new feature and businesses will like it. The social network is planning to introduce its very own ‘Buy Button’. With this new and exciting call-to-action feature, rather than clicking away to a […]

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  • Twitter Partners With Foursquare

    A big step forward for advertisers and marketers in terms of targeting content, is where the conversation is happening…apart from hyper-specific location information based on tweets. TwitSquare – An apt term for this partnership, isn’t it? Twitter has joined hands with Foursquare to leverage from its vast database of locations making the locations in tweets […]

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  • Facebook Takes Over YouTube?

    Taking traffic from YouTube also means taking away potential ad dollars, especially now that Facebook is focusing more on video advertising. Mixpo, an advertising technology company, found out through a survey that Facebook could overtake YouTube as a channel for brands to run video advertising and promotional content in 2015. This is a significant development.

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  • Three Times Skyhigh: Hattrick with Skyfall @ DMAI Awards

    Let’s not create a campaign but let’s create new opportunities through innovation. And when that’s done, let’s push the limits. We got home 3 Bronze from the DMAI Awards and we couldn’t have been happier to execute what we believe in. The most successful installment of the James Bond franchise, grossing over $1 billion in […]

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  • Social Media for Job Search_Banner

    Want A Job? Start Your Search Using Social Media

    Have you ever wondered, how some of your friends bag an offer from reputed companies, even when the job market appears stagnant? Well, you can certainly blame it on the social contacts, that they network with, mainly through Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Brand Wars_feature

    Brand Wars – I HaveMore Fans/ Followers

    It is very evident that the number of fans/ followers on the social media pages of a brand, is the determination of the media spend of that particular brand.

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  • Women's day blog_Cover photo

    One Life, Different Roles, She Leads A Journey With No Morose

    Woman, think big. The world is waiting for you to shine. Lose your inhibitions and put on a confident smile. With a bag full of hopes, travel the world, For every land needs your experience and a story to be told. Henry Miller said that only three things could be done with a woman – […]

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  • Music Is Life

    “I’ll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon”

    It’s better to burn out than to fade away. These words of Kurt Cobain have changed many minds and in turn many lives. Often people ask me what’s my ultimate goal in life, and get shocked with my response to it. All I want is to travel the world in search of good music.

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  • Feature image - Jai Ho

    When Twitter Yelled “Jai Ho!”

    (No A. R. Rahman reference intended here) @Aamir_Khan: “9 days to go… waiting to watch your film Salman! Release se pehle dikhade mere bhai… JAI HO!!” This is how Aamir Khan did his bit to promote Jai Ho, considering the fact that Salman Khan had promoted ‘Dhoom 3’ on the show ‘Big Boss’ that he […]

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  • Social Media Trends_main

    Social Media Trends 2014: The Right Strategy

    2013 was a year that saw some overwhelming transformations in the landscape of social media. Starting from successful IPO’s of Twitter and Facebook, to some groundbreaking innovations, social media has come a long way and will continue its stride in 2014, as well.  

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  • Design Trends_feature image

    Design Trends 2014: Effective Simplicity

    The first thing that any user sees is the design. Therefore, a well thought-out design can make or break a campaign or a communication strategy. Unravelling the latest design trends for the year 2014.

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