July 23, 2009 @Tonic

My B’day Bash – (fun intended)

My Birthday (not a surprise) Party was quite something to remember. I planned to treat my colleagues at TONIC MEDIA, to lavish pizzas. So guess what? Gluttony got the best of them and they scrapped the idea of carrying lunch from home! Boy! Were they determined on getting treated. For them the line says ‘Alls well when eating well’. They even bought me a large Black Forest birthday cake. Yummy! Too bad I did not end up eating much of it, thanks to them itself. Yes I also received some amazing gifts (one for my chicken pox marks). On this auspicious day, we also got some good news – the team I am in, is going to be shifted elsewhere. Surprise, Surprise!

But yes, my bosses did not show up for the pizza party (too bad). That eventually got me into depression (pun intended) and made me pass out in the bus on my way back home – honest!.

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