September 8, 2010 Random Thoughts

Modern businesses, modern approach

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! “ I am sure you’ve heard of that. Keeping this proverb in the backdrop, many organizations in the world today are providing their employees an opportunity to work and play! Right from a casual dress code to a less rigid hierarchy, and a leisure area in the office arena, companies now want to give their employees everything so that they enjoy every bit of work that is assigned.

Many top corporations in the world are now providing their employees with all the possible facilities so that the employees feel motivated and work harder in giving better results. The biggest advantage that employees find in a flexible work structure is that they are not afraid to voice out their ides. This gives the organization more ideas to implement. A cheerful employee will yield the organization cheerful results!

Google, one of the biggest organizations in the world, provide their employees with Foosball, pool tables, volleyball courts, assorted video games, pianos, ping pong tables, and gyms that offer yoga and dance classes. The grassroots’ employees get opportunities to discover their interests like meditation, films, wine tasting and salsa dancing. Healthy lunches and dinners are available for all staff at a variety of cafés.

In 2007 and 2008 Fortune Magazine named Google the Number One employer in their annual 100 Best Companies to Work For. They have a casual dress code.

Besides the amenities that they get at the workplace, there is more provision that help employees focus on their families also. Google provides health care for you and your family, on-site physician and dental care, vacations and holidays, flexible work hours, Google Child Care Center, plus an onsite dry cleaning, because they believe that employees who have less family tensions will be able to give complete attention to their work.

Infosys, one of the largest IT companies in India, also has a unique work structure. Infosys gives prime importance to its employees because they believe that their success comes form a good workforce.

Infosys has provisions for their employees within their office itself. The most common things that anyone can find in any of the Infosys DCs (Development Centers) are cool buildings, which look like architectural wonders, swimming pool, gymnasium, two to three food courts, Café Coffee Day outlets, Dominos Pizza Outlet, in some cases a departmental store, and employee care center also known as the hostel which is actually like a 4star hotel and many more things. In addition they have big gardens and golf course, amphitheater and a multiplex inside their DC.

They have their DCs at various Indian cities.Infoscions (the employees) accredit their success to the pleasant working atmosphere at their workplace.

Dell, a U.S. based multinational information technology corporation also has a corporate environment wherein a community of networking groups is formed by employees with common interests in areas such as ethnicity, gender, nationality, lifestyle, and sexual orientation. These groups offer Dell employees the opportunity to network with other employees from around the company, while providing encouragement and an enhanced sense of belonging. Dell focuses on personal and professional development and growth, inclusive work environment and enhancing communication among employees.

So there you go; majority of successful companies offer a positive organizational atmosphere to their employees so that the employees love working with them and for them-just as we love working with and for Tonic!.

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