October 12, 2012 Random Thoughts

I Remember …

We’re the children of the eighties, haven’t we grown,

We’re tender as a Lotus and we’re tougher than a stone.

– Joan Baez (Children of the Eighties)

We are the children of the eighties. Our lives started playing gully-cricket and watching Disney Cartoons. Our toys included G.I. Joes, Barbie dolls and maybe an 8-bit game console. There were no reality shows, no smartphones and no Facebook. It may be hard to imagine now, but heck, for a lot of us cable television was not a given.


We played in our building compounds or in parks or right there on the streets! The hottest topic was the new edition of WWF (WWE) playing cards. I still remember a very enraged looking Hulk Hogan tearing his vest on my ‘Rank 1’ card. I remember collecting ‘Tazzos’ from my ‘Ruffle Lays’ packs. I remember playing hide-and-seek. I remember playing football. I remember ‘Dettol’ because I got bruised on the field. I remember playing ‘Monopoly’ and ‘The Game of Life’.


What happened to all that? It saddens me to see kids … correction, I  don’t see them, I don’t see children at all! I see 14 year old over-mature snobs who prance around waving their iPhones in my face. Oh, they are much cooler than I am because they can recount the name of every player on the Manchester United Club team. When asked if they know how to play football, they guarantee that they can kick my *** in FIFA on their X-Box consoles. (I wouldn’t mind getting a red card if I get 2 minutes on the field with that brat.)

However, are they alone? Moreover and more importantly, are they to blame? When that guy in ‘God Bless America’ blamed the rich girl’s parents for her atrocious behavior, I completely agreed with him. (Though I don’t think shooting her and stabbing them to death was the right thing to do).

We are the children of the eighties; we arrogantly look down upon the kids of today and tell them to ‘get a life’. But we are the adults of today! We are the ones who buy those smartphones. We are the ones who give them Xbox and internet instead of books and footballs.

Hindustan Times celebrates ‘No TV Day’ in January. No doubt it’s a good gesture, but what about the remaining 364 days when we sit in front of our computer screens? What about the times when we are killing our brain cells watching ‘Big Boss’ and ‘Rakhi ka Swayamvar’? We would rather play “words with friends” on Facebook and have conversations via ‘Tweets’ than actually meet with friends and go to the beach.

I have over a hundred followers on Twitter and over five hundred contacts on Facebook. I remember when I had friends …



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