March 19, 2010 Social Media

How to get the Best out of Social Media

We’ve been successfully managing several social media campaigns on a day to day basis. From FMCG brands, Financial Services, health care, technology providers to charities – we’ve had a wide exposure with social media interactions.
Social media is a garden, each channel is a flower-pot and you are the gardener. What grows up reflects the brand or service. Do you know how to make your social media garden green and charming with flowers?
Let’s look at some social media must-knows for any business, service or brand:
Have a Strategy. Conceptualize & define your goals before you begin. A planned strategy helps in keeping a track on where your social media campaign is heading to.  Social media is vast, list your target audience and let your brand spread wings like an eagle and fly over the right patches of social networks. In other words, don’t just create a presence everywhere, focus on important social networks & hit the target. Think innovative, read case studies and add something new and exciting on your social media channels.
Analyze – Use your old data – your client behavior, their suggestions or ideas given in the past, along with existing web analytics data to find out where you can target, what needs to be pushed and what is demanded the most.
Social Networking needs time & dedication. It’s not just about numbers; it’s more about communication & consistency which builds the trust. Let social networking be your new hobby. Every little drop builds the sea, every little bit of communication on Social Media adds value to your brand/service. Remember; if you just started your social media campaign- it may even frustrate you. Always keep a long term goal in mind and invest your time. Use time tracking tools to manage time efficiently.
Figure out the related products and services for a mutually beneficial association on social networks. Consumers rely on their online social connections for recommendations. Use social media as a customer service tool, not just a tool for new prospects or marketing.
Use Google Alerts to keep a tab on who’s talking about your business and anything related to your business. Be prepared for any kind of feedback. Acknowledge positive feedback and delight your existing customers. Consider negative reviews as constructive criticism and look for ways to mend rather than defend.
Twitter Search is a gold mine if you listen, engage and stay focused to add value to your business & clients. When something goes wrong – be sincere, humble and apologize, in addition to giving solutions. Technology changes every day; so stay updated by reading.
Last, but not the least, measure & evolve. Measure the success of your social media campaigns in terms of volume & engagement. Once you know what the outcome is, you can revolutionize your strategy further to achieve your business goals..

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