April 13, 2015 Social Media

Facebook Takes Over YouTube?

Taking traffic from YouTube also means taking away potential ad dollars, especially now that Facebook is focusing more on video advertising.

Mixpo, an advertising technology company found out through a survey that Facebook could overtake YouTube as a channel for brands to run video advertising and promotional content in 2015. It taking over the top property that the advertisers are eyeing to run video ads is a significant development.

Goes without saying that this is a dramatic shift in power. Until now Facebook wasn’t even considered for videos. You watched videos on Youtube and shared the link on Facebook. Now Facebook is carving off a huge slice of YouTube’s audience for itself.

Content creators are realizing that uploading the video directly on Facebook is more beneficial compared to uploading them on YouTube. Part of that benefit is that videos on Facebook automatically play as a user scrolls through the news feed, a feature introduced last year. It means users are drawn to content rather than having to do the work of pressing play themselves.

Facebook is becoming a major dominant video player. Let’s just make peace with this fact..