January 3, 2011 @Tonic

Don’t Look Back In Anger: Memoir of a Tonicker

So, I start a revolution from my head. As I write this post, there are, at any point of time, 1 million +- 5% people out there on streets welcoming the new-year. And, of course with much warmth. By the way, this warmth has a new name. It’s called alcohol.

My friends were busy with other friends, my sister was busy with her friends, my significant other was busy with his friends and I was left alone to hope. And hoping is such a horrible thing to do. Excusing myself from the hype of the new year’s eve, I found that reflecting on the year gone by would be the perfect way to salute the old faithful. And how can I not be!

I’m generally shy of novelties. New things, new faces; too much pressure to get acquainted with. Old things give me a feeling of security. Old pens, ol’ faces, old blankets, old stuff- they make me feel at home. I’m not too fond of new things. And now maybe new years too!

In the dying hours of a faithful year, I chose to be with the one I knew well. And I reflected upon the year, rather than dressing up for the new kid on the block like this year means nothing. And boy, what a year it has been! Now, if I tell you, 2010 was a year of only goods and no bads, I’d be lying. I’m sure there were 100’s of things that went awry. But by what laws of nature, all the bads vanished in oblivion and only the good stayed on. All those moments of raging temper when carnage and rampage seemed to be the only way to get through, somehow preceded to laughter. Sifting and resifting memories, all I can gather is happy memoirs, happy faces, jokes pulled, pranks played and good times. I just couldn’t find anything bad.

In the last few days of 2010, a critic, much to my dismay, went overboard and gave his feedback. I forgive him.

After all,

“Sometimes when it’s all spun
And all that is ugly recedes
Into a deep sleep
There is an awakening”
—- Jim Morrison
This is awakening. At the end of it all, what remains are only the good and the great. I’m not great. I’m good.

Call me a mainstream optimist, call me Alice In Wonderland or worse, call me an art of living lunatic. I choose to be the “daisy”. Choose to look at the brighter things of life, to hope. To, dear critic, “wussup? Think you’re being funny do ya”. Oh, btw, in the first part of harry potter, they acted this line. Think people would be able to understand this if they didn’t read or see it?

Happy New year folks. 2011, you are welcome & 2010- I’m not gonna look back in anger..

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