March 24, 2014 Social Media
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Brand Wars – I HaveMore Fans/ Followers

It is very evident that the number of Fans/ Followers on the Social media pages of a brand, is the determination of the Media spend by that particular brand.

How important is it to lead this rat race?
Can the number determine your impact on the Target Audience/ Focus group?

Brand product visibility or Sales remains the final option, as the driving factor revolves around the fact of having big numbers on Social Media platforms.
Building a conclusion with regards to Engagement Rate, or the Growth Rate will lead nowhere.
The actual test is how you can sustain the interest of the audience, without pumping in Ad Spends.

What is the power of your Brand content that can hold on to the audience, once they are already on your platforms?
It is Suicidal to get lost in the number of Interaction that you can generate.. And in the end, ask if it is all worth it and how will it help your Brand?

When it’s all said and done, it is important to stick to one standard tone of communication, which becomes your defining factor.

“Serious logic demands a stable theme for the Brand, to establish that One Idea for the varied range of products/services, that it wants to promote.”


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