February 18, 2009 @Tonic

And the winners are…

After 2 aborted attempts, we finally made it to the 2nd official Tonic picnic, though not a full house turnout was almost 90%. Tonickers who dropped out had valid reasons to do so and have promised to make up for it by sponsoring prizes for the deserving winners mentioned below.
Some of the Tonickers showed exemplary grit and courage while showing off their talents and being themselves, since they were meeting some of their colleagues from different offices for the first time.

Here are the brave ones, who in my opinion are the winners of the official tonic picnic

Komda Dancer

[flv: 488 364]
Devang our ace illustrator and motion graphics designer showed off his closely guarded ‘Komda Dance’ (The Hen Dance) Check his killer moves.

Post his performance he was spotted warding off scores of hens who found the dance their best mating call ever. BTW Devang has a story behind his Komda Dance, cajole him to tell you.

The True Batman Fan


Dhruv, our legendry web designer paid a tribute to his superhero like none other. He braved the gang in his ultra short ‘batman’ chaadis. See the picture at your own discretion, this author is not responsible for any harm caused

Supercool Punk


Ashwin, our creative director, editor, fashion connoisseur, complaint box and drummer all rolled into one, set an example of how one should really dress for the pool.

As usual his only complaint (as usual) was that a rubber duck was missing in the pool, also that we did not carry any sunscreen and toilet paper.

The Victim (for a change)

Nilay, who does some coding in between playing full time pranks got a dose of his own medicine. Dunked in water number of times, he was running for pillar to post for cover.
We finally got our revenge, but full marks to him for being a sport.

Enthu Cutlet


Vivek was so happy to be under open skies, free from demonic analytics and search engine tools that he redefined enthusiasm. While on a trek to the nearby hillock, most of us were gasping for breath, But Vivek probably high on altitude, was jumping and climbing.

The Bouncer


Sudish, our man for all seasons played his usual role perfectly. Standing beside each Tonicker during the introduction session, he ensured (read: terrified) each one of us had only good things to say about Tonic.  Like always he extracted the best

Mr. Muscle


Rohan, the newbie ‘rightcopywriter’ flexed his muscles, showed off his six packs. Sorry correction, he isn’t the winner but rest of us are the real winners. We still shed off of our clothes and jumped into the pool showing our beer bellies

The winners can get in touch with absentees for prizes. For those feeling leftout there’s always a next time, pretty soon.

Look out for more posts by tonickers.

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