Welcome to the world’s only official Tonic Media Blog, beware of cheap imitations (we would like to believe there are). Before you start Googling ‘Tonic Media’ here’s the dope – We are an India based interactive agency offering a gamut of digital media solutions to some of the coolest brands from across the globe.

Every solution we conceptualize and execute has ‘results’ at its core, so yes very clearly we are a results driven agency. People behind these results are creative and seriously mad lot, who make offices of Tonic and its network a virtual madhouse.

Each day at tonic is potent fodder for a hit reality TV show. This blog is an attempt to document the interesting lives of tonickers. It is also our personal space to rant, blow our trumpet, underline our achievements and get back at fellow tonickers and world at large.

Let us know what you think, keep us grounded, the little comments window is your weapon 🙂

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