March 6, 2009 @Tonic

A peek into my personality

Finally someone inspired me to pen down something about me, and TonicMedia at my sight. Well I am an engineer; as I have completed my Diploma in Industrial Electronics with first class with distinction.

Just because of my excessive interest and late night logged-ins I jumped into this field and joined Tonic family on 7th Feb. 2008 (aah still remember that long day) I started my career as Search optimizer and now I can proudly say that I am more than SEO and on my way to be successful Internet Marketer. All thanks to Sam, Chetan and other Tonickers.

Apart from work I love to do mimicry of some of my favorite personalities; haven’t tried on higher level just doing to entertain my friends and myself (you must have seen my video here). Playing guitar is one of my hobbies (but I am not a good guitarist, I mean it!)


I believe in teamwork; more important than talent. My team mates are always there to help me with any projects. Sam is the best troubleshooter he always knows the solution and he told me how to find the answer.

This is my first post and I know its not so great at all, I know I am not a good writer. But I know my work very well; so I won’t compare myself with others, that makes you feel small. So stay tuned to get some more happenings in Tonic by your Dost and Host, Paras J…tty.

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