January 16, 2013 Social Media

20% or less!

Facebook will now crack down on your page if your cover photo has more than 20% text. Not necessarily held together, the text can be all over in bits and pieces. The boxes below give you an idea of the total space that 20% takes up! Spread out or stay put in one place.

The boxes represent 20% area.

The boxes represent 20% area.

Other rules follow the major rule and apply to only the cover photo and the promoted posts that show up on the news feed.


No Sale Tags

1. Price and purchase information

Any kind of promotion or price tags attached to the cover photos or promoted posts are prohibited by Facebook. This is an impersonal way of reaching out in the social medium.

2. Contact information

The photos cannot comprise of mail address, website url, phone numbers or any contact information that directly shouts out on the photo. This is again a direct advertising attempt by brands and must be toned down to respect the user space.

No contact information

3. Arrow pointing to ‘Like’

This is the most common way of encouraging people to like the page. However, Facebook views this as a force attempt by brands and discourages the use of arrows or lines that point through the cover photo to like the page.


Pointing is bad in the social space too!





4. Call to action, “Share with friends”

Share icon Facebook

Share only if you Like

Any kind of call to action included within photos sends out a wrong signal and should be ruled out with the announcement of the new rules. Share with friends, like the post or any other kind of call to action message should be avoided.




What interests us

We are already seeing websites that are coming up with Check your cover photo tool. Facebook will be launching this tool very soon.

Back to Basics

– 851 X 315 pixels is the cover photo size

– Best viewed at less than 100 KB



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