October 15, 2012 Random Thoughts

2 Minute Signal = Embarrassment for Life!

It seemed like a gorgeous summer afternoon with some clouds covering the harsh rays of the sun. But of course, it wasn’t so after all! I was on my way to Bandra so as usual, caught a rickshaw. When I reached the signal, out of nowhere, a HUGE (no exaggeration) group of Eunuchs came my way! Doing what they do best, they starting clapping loudly and demanded money. I freaked out but didn’t utter a word and looked the other way. After a few seconds, they all went ahead except one! The Eunuch kept pestering me for money for an entire minute. So, giving up, I started looking for change in my bag and found a 2 rupee coin. Terrified, I gave it to him and what came after that was totally unexpected!

As soon as I put the coin in his hand, his expression changed and I was about to pee in my pants! He looked at the coin, then looked at me & looked at the coin again. Suddenly, in a super high pitch he yelled “Itna paisa ke liye itna time khoti kiya! Mere se badi bikhari toh tu hai!” and he threw the coin on my face!

I did nothing, but sat there in shock and utter embarrassment while people from the vehicles around kept staring and laughing at the entire incident! However, the cherry on the icing was my Rishawala trying to pacify me by saying “Madam, ye hota rehta hai!”

So, what seemed to be a gorgeous summer afternoon wasn’t so after all! And till date, I freak out the minute is see a Eunuch passing by!.

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